Hey 👋. I’m Matt.

I love connecting technology communities to products by building systems that inspire open source adoption. I also love learning to lead with openness, honesty by making the implicit explicit.

Teams I’ve managed:

  • The product management team for Production Engineering at Target
  • The product, program, and content teams behind Red Hat’s digital communities, including Opensource.com
  • The community and marketing teams at Sensu, from seed to series A
  • Leading the vision for product owners and DevRel in part of Intel managing open source projects, including Snap
  • Leading the vision for EMC’s advocacy program

Communities I’m a part of:

I work hard to connect and contribute to a broad range of communities of practice. Grouping in order of recency, that includes:

  • Kubernetes, Open Source (the OSI, GitHub, and CNCF), and Developer Relations
  • Python programming language and Go programming language
  • DevOps (via the monitoring & observability sub-tribe)
  • Virtualization (especially VMware), Infosec, and Storage (especially EMC and NetApp)

Communities I’ve Helped Build:

Projects I’ve Contributed To:

I often open small PRs as I work through new problem or as a way of saying thank you to a project. That’s led to contributions to Kubernetes, the CHAOSS community, iPython, Chezmoi, this Notion wrapper for Linux, Slack API Tutorial, Go GitHub library, Slack Go library, Leeroy from Docker, Awesome Maintainers, The Lita project, Homebrew, CHAOSS project, the CNCF Landscape, and many more. I also consulted behind-the-scenes for Exercism and continue to recommend joining their community because I ❤️ them.


Some of my more popular articles are off domain, like The right and wrong way to set Python 3 as default on a Mac. Here are some more:

The Oxymoron of Productivity

How I was more productive in the last 2 weeks without productivity tools than I ever was with them No matter your exact job role, you are a project manager.