I love podcasts. They are a perfect combination of intimacy and openness between host, guest, and audience.

I’m interested in joining an established show as a guest or co-host. Please reach out if collaborating would make sense for us both.


I co-launched a podcast for the Linux Foundation CHAOSS project, focused on open source community metrics. We call it the CHAOSScast and I now occasionally join as a guest panelist. My favorites include:

I co-created The Geek Whisperers in 2013 and co-host and edited it for four wonderful years. We originally set out to talk to Marketers about how to connect more authentically with IT professionals, but we ended up finding Sysadmins who wanted to develop other marketable skills to grow in their career. So we pivoted, interviewing incredible guests about their nonlinear career paths.

Here are a few favorites from the last season:

Guest episodes

I’ve hopped on quite a few incredible podcasts over the years. Here are a few of them:

And other episodes from some of the same and a few others, including: